“The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make.”

– Robert M. Parker, Jr.
The Wine Advocate

Shapes & Pleasure

Stemware consists of 3 parts: the bowl, stem and base. The height of the stem and the width of the base are part of the glass design (known as the architecture). Grape varietal specific stemware features finely-tuned glass bowls consisting of 3 variables: shape, size and rim diameter; to translate the "message" of wine to the human senses.

Each glass Riedel produces is made to enhance your wine or spirits drinking experience. The glasses themselves are beautiful, feel perfectly balanced in your hand, and each shape is designed to bring out the best in the specific varietal it is meant to be enjoyed with.

We are proud to distribute Riedel glassware to restaurants and wine and spirits locations throughout Wisconsin.