Cava Brut

Catalonia, Spain

Grapes reception and separately discharge by variety and quality.

Obtaining the juice drained by pneumatic press.

Free run juice filtration.

Inoculation of selected yeasts to the free run juice.

Fermentation of the must at a constant temperature below 19ºC.

Racking, cupages, corrections, analytical and organoleptic controls.

Tartaric stabilization of the wine.

Wine filtration.

Addition of sugar, clarifiers and yeasts to the filtered wine.

Filling the bottles and capping bottles with stopper and crown.

Bottles placed in the cellar for the second fermentation.

Rest and aging in the cellar.

Riddling process in giropalets

Freeze the neck of the bottle and disgorgement.

Addition of expedition liqueur.

Closure of bottles, washed, labeled, capped bottles and fitted into boxes

Palletizing of the boxes and situate them in warehouse.

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