The Wine Hooligans

Photo Credit: Kent Hanson

Meet the Wine Hooligans: lead by Dennis Carroll, four West Coast wine makers team up to create five, very unique brands. New to L’eft Bank are the brands Portlandia, Cycles Gladiator and Broadside, featuring grapes from Oregon state and the Paso Robles region of California.

Featuring glasses on the label, the Portlandia Pinot Noir carries an earthy flavor packed with cherry, red plum, citrus and notes of fresh cut tobacco.

Many know and have grown to love the iconic artwork from the Belle Epoque era, featured on the bottles of Cycles Gladiator, but few know the history of liberation bicycles offered women during the Suffrage movement. After a rebranding in 2013, Cycles Gladiator reclaimed its ability to liberate wine lovers everywhere.

The Petite Sirah, a Cycles Gladiator’s classic, is known for its ripe berry flavor with hints of bacon-laced maple and campfire.
Broadside Cabernet Sauvignon, made with grapes grown in the Paso Robles region of California, is known for its strawberry and cherry flavor, with just a hint of oak.

Olive Lemberger

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