How To Store Wine

The most important question you should ask when storing wine: when do you plan to drink it?

If you plan on drinking your wine right away, don’t fret! Simply chill and serve! For longer wine storage try out some of these tips:

No matter what kind of wine you purchase you should avoid large fluctuations in temperature. Temperature changes can cause the components in wine to breakdown, thus changing the flavor. The ideal temperature range for all wine is 45°F to 65°F but keeping your wine one consistent temperature for it’s life in storage is key! An environment with controlled temperature and humidity is ideal to prevent the cork from drying out. Storing bottles in your fridge is perfectly fine, as long as you consume it within a month. The fridge not only keeps your wine at the ideal temperature but also protects the wine from UV rays, which can cause a change in flavor.


Let’s say you’ve purchased an expensive bottle for a special occasion or celebration that is several months or even years away. It is important to find an area to store your bottle(s) horizontally. This will prevent the cork from drying out. Dried out corks let air and bacteria into the wine which can cause a change in flavor and/or spoilage. Consistent 70% humidity is considered ideal for keeping the corks moist. Bottles should also remain undisturbed for the duration of their storage. Moving your wine or even flipping it can actually disturb the aging process. Lastly, just like the refrigerator method, make sure your wine stays at a consistent temperature and away from sunlight throughout its life in storage. This may mean monitoring the temperature fluctuations of your storage space before you begin storing you bottles.


If you are serious about proper wine storage, you may want to consider purchasing a wine cooler, refrigerator, locker or even a cellar. Coolers and refrigerators are ideal for the beginner enthusiast. These appliances generally hold between 20-50 bottles horizontally, and have climate control settings to keep your bottles at the ideal temperature year round. Coolers and refrigerators are perfect for wine lovers who rent, because they can be moved more easily than a locker or cellar. Novice wine collectors may choose to build a cellar, which holds a larger quantity of bottles and is a permanent solution for wine collectors. Wine lockers, on the other hand, are ideal for restaurants and other retail establishments because they are easily locked for secure wine storage.


Just remember, when it comes to wine storage, there are really only three things to keep in mind: keep your bottles at or as close to 55°F as you can, in 70% humidity and away from sunlight!


Happy sipping!


Pirate Hugh

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