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Our Story

Founded in 1985 by Mark Johnston, his handy Ford Pinto and a few cases of Burgundy, Left Bank has grown to become the leading distributor of fine wines and spirits in the state of Wisconsin. The diversity of our producers and the knowledge of our salespeople are the foundations on which the success of Left Bank has been built.

Our Wines

Our portfolio of wines includes all the major wine growing regions in the world with an emphasis on the fine wines of France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Austria and the United States. In addition to wine, Left Bank also sells a variety of specialty spirits ranging from small-production rum to independent-label single malt scotch.

Our Mission

Left Bank’s strength lies in our ability to provide timely delivery and service to both on- and off-premise accounts. Our salespeople lead public tastings, staff trainings and wine dinners. Our brand managers are recognized state wide. Left Bank covers the entire state of Wisconsin, with salespeople on the ground (actually in their cars) instead of relying on telephone calls, faxes and infrequent visits. Left Bank wines are found on retail shelves and on wine lists from the North-woods to the far northern suburbs of Chicago.

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