Many people love saké but find it intimidating and indecipherable. Founded in 2005, by Henry Sidel Joto’s mission is to serve as a bridge between Japanese artisanal saké and the American market. They aim to bring the world of artisanal saké to life without “dumbing it down.”

Sake can be simplified without being simple. Joto Sakes are a selection of specially crafted brews that honor sake’s traditions and styles without sacrificing quality. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they look good on a shelf or behind a bar.

Joto is Japanese for “highest level” and describes the makers of their saké and aspirations. Joto partners with multi-generational, family-owned breweries who they identify and approach after trying their sake in Japan and reading about their brands in Japanese food and beverage publications.  Joto's jizake (local) breweries are located throughout Japan, producing saké in small batches with locally-raised indigenous rice varieties, offering flavors and styles ideal for a range of cuisines. The passion for breweries that have rich and wonderful histories makes them fun to learn about and explore. 

Products from Joto